Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Princess Birthday Cake

Order kali ni, dari Pn Qistina (Kajang)..  Personally I did enjoyed while decorating this cake, make you feel like a small little girl... well, that is one of the beauty being the cake decorator, you can make your imagination comes true…. wiwiwiwiiwi
Besides, I also prepared the red velvet cupcakes for the party with the same theme..

Next day, i received this message from Qistina:

“Salam kak… memang d best cupcakes n choc indulg.. Tq sgt, little princess smlm excited sgt tgk kek dia :)”

We are sooo glad to hear that, moreover .. If you are happy, we are more than happy to serve you… heheehhehe

1 comment:

shas said...

Cantik.. I've not done this type of cake before. Kena tunggu my daughter's bday baru boleh try..