Monday, July 09, 2012

Terbaeeekk dari ladangggg....

Mini Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake

Chocolate Pudding Cake in Jar

Almond Ball Chocolate Cookies

Caramel Almond Butter Moist Cake

Penuh meja hasil berladang seharian...

I was attending the Special Ramadhan & Syawal organized by Elliez de'heart. What I can say is, the class was so long and torturing but still, there were a lots of fun, interesting, enjoyable and full of laughter…  Furthermore, the class is really worth of money and effort. The whole day juggling with the flour, butter, eggs, sugar etc and all the recipes we double, triple and so on.. It seems like we are preparing for the Feast… lalalaalla

Below is the list of the menu that we learned that day:

1.Caramel Almond Butter Moist Cake
2.Carrot Apple Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese
3.Baked Nasi Himpit Chicken Bolognese
4.Almond Ball Chocolate Cookies
5.Mini Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake
6.Murtabak Cheese Cracker
7.Chocolate Pudding Cake in Jar

Well.. End of the day, we are super-duper excited when it comes on the segregation of the end product… Since there are 12 of us, the process becomes so havoc when we segregate by number. Each of us given a number and when it was repeat a few times, everyone started getting confused.. hahahahaa.. That was so fun… (ok,understand that everyone has no energy and the brain working in the low speed, heheheheh)

Heading way back home around 7:00pm (Class started at 10:30am)… I am so exhausted when I reached home, but still able to enjoy the desserts happily, hahahahaha… (macam mana nak kurusss???? Hihiihihihihih)

(Group Photo above from FB bake-deco-class)


Zana said...

salam roza.. saya pun roza jugak.. haha.. yang kat tengah pakai baju merah tu saya kenal sangat tu.... sedap sedap sumenye ye..

Emak si Teta dan Balkish, mak Andak Ojan, Hakim, said...

dah boleh berhenti kerja ni buka bakery ambil tempahan..ciayok ciayok roza

dlittlekitchen said...

>>> zana: hehehe sama namalah kita.. :-), aah yg tgh tu yanti, masa kecik2 dia berlakon jadi cucu opah.. :-)

>>> hehehe.. insyaallah dalam perancangan... doa2kan, skrg ni masih happy kejer dan sangat happy baking...

faeza.amir @ MirZa said...

dah boleh bukak kedai...hihi...btw...cake gula hangus roza mmg sedap!! ^_^