Monday, March 05, 2012

Wedding Cake Class

I was attending the wedding cake class @ Sg Buloh last Saturday. Class conducted by Rani… To be frank we are not familiar with Sg Buloh area, based on google map we finally reached there, and I joined the class late by 20 minutes (huh! What a waste)
Besides, I really enjoyed the class and I met new friend (Shas. Thanks for the ride dear, really enjoy our chit chatting along the way, heheheh)… that is the sweet things about attending class, besides you get new skills; you also make new friends… J 2 in 1…
Sad to say, the original cake has been damaged because I felt down.. OMG!!! In the rain, I sat on the road in front of SPARK Desa Petaling… malunyaaaaaaaaa…… ishk! Ishk! Ishk!
And the wedding cake above is the remake version… I baked and decorated it last night (luckily Suraya offer her helps… offer ke??? Heheehehe)… The original cake is very simple, the roses at the edge of the cake but the remake version, the roses flooded everywhere haahahah.. (lepas geram nih.. hehehe)


shas said...

That's so beautiful.. Better than the original one that we learnt the other day..

I didnt notice that you fell the other day.i saw you sitting there and was wondering why you were there sitting.. I only realised that you had a fall when a few others came n helped..

I enjoyed the chit chatting sessions as well, and hope that we'll meet again in any other future classes.

dlittlekitchen said...

tu laa syas.. cantik jer i wat sarkas kat depan tu.. hehehe