Thursday, January 01, 2009

I really love baking, I had never attend any formal class but I learn it from trial and error, recipes and ideas from others (from internet of course)..

Well, I always wanted to attend a course (short course at least) to learn the correct process of baking and get the tips from “sifu”. Over the years, I am busy with my hectic schedules jugling between family, work and study but this year I wish I could find some time....

Baking cakes/cookies always makes me happy and decorating them brings me into my fantasy world and whenever my close friend, colleagues, relatives and my beloved family enjoying them, that will double my happiness.

I am sharing the recipes here, which I already test in my little kitchen lab. The ingredients and instructions are simple and easy for you to try.

Credit to Nurul, the person who open my eyes to cupcake world..

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